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About Honest Mattress Reviews
The people of Honest Mattress Reviews are so dedicated to sleep that they have committed to helping others learn about all the potential mattress options with complete transparency. No fake-news-facts here.

Honest Mattress Reviews provides REAL customer reviews of mattresses and sleep technology from verified customers who have actually purchased the mattresses. Additionally, we have crafted a scoring system that delivers a fact-based rating for the most common mattresses around. You can learn more about our comprehensive evaluation here. By combining real customers opinions and hard-core mattress facts you will get the most honest mattress reviews possible.

But That’s Not All…
Honest Mattress Reviews also offers of-the-moment industry news stories, in-depth mattress technology comparisons and mattress recommendations based on specific sleep styles. Since most people spend a third of their lives in bed, we take our mattress information very seriously. Which is why Honest Mattress Reviews wants to provide you with the highest quality and most relevant information possible.

How We Rate Mattresses Featured
Our rating system is strictly fact-based allowing for the most unbiased and accurate evaluation system. We reviewed 10 key factors of each mattress relating to product components, manufacturing and company offerings. Each factor is scored on a scale from 1-10, with total points equaling 100. Here is the comprehensive breakdown:

  1. Top comfort cooling layer
    • Phase change coating one specialized foam: 10 pts
    • Specialized foam technology: 7pts
    • No cooling in comfort layer: 0pt
  2. Base construction layer
    • Individual pocked coils: 10pts
    • Base foam > 1.8lbs: 8pts
    • Base foam 1.5lbs or 1.6lbs: 5pts
    • Coil unit or base foam <1.6lbs: 3pts
  3. Edge support
    • Separate spring perimeter construction: 10pts
    • Stiffer outer coils: 8pts
    • Foam encasement: 6pts
    • No edge support: 4pts
  4. Mattress profile
    • > 10’’: 10pts
    • 8’’ to 9’’: 7pts
    • < 8’’: 5pts
  5. Comfort Options
    • 3 options (soft, medium, firm) or comfort versatility: 10pts
    • 2 options: 7pts
    • 1 option: 4pts
  6. Construction Layers
    • 4+ layers: 10pts
    • 3 layers: 7pts
    • 2 layers: 5pts
    • 1 layer: 0pts
  7. Mattress Warranty
    • > 10 years: 10pts
    • 5 years: 5pts
    • < 5 years: 0pts
  8. Trial Period
    • > 100 days with free returns: 10pts
    • 30-99 days with free returns: 7pts
    • > 30 Days with no free returns: 5pts
    • Cannot be returned: 0pts
  9. Manufacturing Capability
    • Own a factory in America: 10pts
    • Made in America: 5pts
    • Imported: 1pt
  10. Business Tenure
    • < 1998 or 15+ years industry experience: 10pts
    • < 2003: 7pts
    • < 2008: 4pts
    • < 2013: 1pt
    • < 2018: 0pts

Affiliate Disclosure
We want to provide you the best and most accurate information, which is why we take affiliate fees to help provide for the operating costs at Honest Mattress Reviews.

Company Disclosure
Honest Mattress Reviews is owned and operated by Spartan Media Ventures LLC., which is funded by Brooklyn Bedding LLC. Brooklyn Bedding in no way has influence over ratings, reviews or editorial content on Honest Mattress Reviews. All content posted prior to May 1st, 2018 was produced by a person not affiliated with Spartan Media Ventures or Brooklyn Bedding.