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Airweave is thrilled to announce the grand opening of Nap York, New York’s first wellness club. Their signature experience, the Nap York Pods, feature airweave mattresses, pillows, and blankets.

Every airweave product provides science-backed sleep benefits to help each guest achieve a deeper, more restful sleep in just a 30-minute nap session.

Dubbed “The Cleanest Mattress On Earth,” airweave has also been selected as Nap York’s bedding supplier because every product is 100% washable, ensuring the highest level of hygienic standards possible.  Airweave is proud to be a premiere partner in this new endeavor with a like-minded innovative approach to health and wellness.

airweave nap york



Nap York’s solution is blissfully simple: a personal oasis in the middle of Manhattan dedicated to your well-being.

Enjoy healthy drinks and bites at the Nap York café.  Take a break, close your eyes and rest in a quiet and private Nap York pod.

Relax in the egg chair lounge while participating in yoga classes and guided meditation.

Be productive and focused in a peaceful workspace with sitting/standing desk and reclining office chairs.

airweave nap york


Floor One: Café and Green Wall

  • Nap York Café is a space where guests will be able to order freshly made nutritious food and drinks on tablets and quietly enjoy next to a living, green plant wall.  All the menu items come out on a conveyer belt.

Floor Two: Nap York Pods

  • Promoting rest is an essential key to both productivity and wellness.  The private pods can be used to nap, rest, relax and meditate. Each pod includes Nest Security safety features, starlit ceilings, airweave bedding, charging stations, soundproof curtains and more.  Nap York is an eco-friendly company and each pod is hand-made in NYC with locally sourced non-synthetic materials.

Floor Three: Egg Chair Lounge and Studio

  • Relax in comfortable egg chairs, meditate in a quiet corner or participate in special, succinct studio yoga classes surrounded by nature.

Floor Four: Productivity Floor

  • This floor offers guests a quiet place to focus on what he/she would like to accomplish. The moveable desks are adorned with lush plants and adjustable lights to create a perfect, productive work environment

airweave nap york

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