As the shock and disappointment sets in that Casper financed the purchase of – consumer reactions are also pouring in.

Sleepopolis is/was the most powerful mattress affiliate review website that influenced hundreds if not thousands of consumer’s buying decisions based on the reviews by Derek Hales.  Yes, Sleepopolis was and still is highly ranked on many mattress review search queries on Google – the world’s most powerful search engine.  But, as the dust settles it’s evident that the spirit of Sleepopolis is now gone.  Sleepopolis was an outlet and a channel for an enthusiastic reviewer.  His unique ability to connect and communicate with inquiring consumers showed that his skills set stretched much further than as a ‘computer genius’ or ‘SEO guru’.

Although the new editor claims that Casper is not an influence nor do they have access to the information or data from the website I find that rather suspicious.  Sleepopolis was a profitable company.  Why did the ‘new team’ not seek an investment from any Venture Capital fund?  Even with the litigation, a VC fund could quickly evaluate the short and long-term value of this digital property.  Casper is many things.  One of, if not, the sexiest bed in a box brands on the planet.  Casper is a master at branding, creative marketing, and messaging.  Casper is not a Venture Capital fund.  Yes, Casper has raised as of late a tremendous amount of capital via investment.  How did the ‘new team’ approach Casper for a debt finance loan of the company they were actively suing?

In short time, Derek’s existence will be completely eliminated from his own creation while Casper’s presence is starting to spread across the site like a cancer cell in a hosts body.

Casper Sleepopolis
Screenshot Aug 5, 2017

Not surprisingly – now – Casper holds the first position on the right sidebar of the website.

This means regardless of which review a consumer is searching, Casper is the first offer presented on the side.

What changed to give them now such a prominent position?  They didn’t go up one or two spots on the side bar.  They went from unlisted to number one …

Additionally, Casper terminated their affiliate program over a year ago.  Yet, Sleepopolis now has a promo code for an instant $50 off promotion.  Is Casper only allowing Sleepopolis in their affiliate program now – or – are they going to open this up to all of the affiliate sites?

Consumer Survey Results Regarding Casper Funding The Purchase Of Sleepopolis

Casper SleepopolisCasper Sleepopolis

Casper SleepopolisCasper Sleepopolis

Sentiment for the Responses = Negative

Top Response = “fox in the hen house”

Casper SleepopolisCasper Sleepopolis

Casper SleepopolisCasper Sleepopolis

Casper Sleepopolis

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