Leading sleep technology specialist Ergomotion has designed a lightweight, easily transportable, easily shippable adjustable base that packs in a single box and can replace a bedframe.

Ergomotion Leaf

The Leaf features a flat-pack system with components nested inside the frame and platform and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

Designed and engineered to pack in one small box, The Leaf is easy to transport in the back of most compact vehicles for quick cash-and-carry transactions. The base offers a seamless assembly process.

The simplicity of the design remains true to Ergomotion’s commitment to design and innovation, and the company expects The Leaf to garner success from traditional department retail stores as a cash-and-carry item, as well as big box retailers and e-commerce players. The Leaf offers head-up and foot-up capabilities.

“A Sport Motion base, The Leaf is different than anything we’ve ever designed before. It’s lighter, easy to take home in the back of a car, easy to ship and quick to put together,” said Gui Peres, director of global sales for Ergomotion. “We see great opportunity here for younger consumers who appreciate the concept of adjustable sleep by may be strapped on budget. This also works for retailers haven’t yet dipped their toes into this category and are still showcasing mattresses on flat, steel frames. The Leaf is a perfect replacement for stationary bedframes.”

Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Ergomotion is a leading global sleep technology company that delivers design savvy adjustable bases to the marketplace. Founded in 2005 on the central coast of California by Alain Clénet on the premise that luxury sleep is achieved through style and substance, the company incorporates technology where it makes sense. Ergomotion’s adjustable bases are designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattresses and to seamlessly integrate with existing bed frames and beds. With more than 1 million adjustable bases sold throughout more than 30 countries, Ergomotion is part of the Keeson Technology Corp. family based in Jiaxing City, China.

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