GhostBed Mattress Rating
Material Quality 9
Comfort + Support 9
Value Based On Cost 9.1
Airflow + Cooling 8.9
Odor 8.8
Sleep Trial Policy 8.2
Warranty Value 10
GhostBed Offers A Great Mattress For The Cost Value (better priced with double the warranty duration). Made 100% in the United States.
Overall Rating
User Rating : 0 (0 votes)

Real GhostBed Reviews By Real Customers

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Internal Materials

The GhostBed’s internal construction consists wholly of three high-quality foams. One key feature you must take note to in this mattress is the 11″ height. The thicker the mattress, the better distribution of weight, thus, providing better support for everyone regardless of your weight.

Major Key: Of all the mattresses we’ve reviewed in the bed in a box space, we’ve found this provides the comfortable night’s sleep for a heavier individual.

Top Layer | Designed For Comfort & Cooling
1.5″ Layer of aerated latex foam.
Layer Features: Continuous cooling, airflow, comfort, and bounce.

Middle Layer | Designed For Support
2″ Layer of proprietary gel memory foam.
Layer Features: Gel infusion reduces any body heat retention, pressure relief from your natural body weight, and compression support

Bottom Layer | Designed For Foundation
7.5″ Layer of high-density support foam.
Layer Features: Designed as a foundation for the top two layers while simultaneously dispersing your body’s weight

Cover Materials

Top Cover | Modern Plush Meets Efficient
The distinct honeycomb pattern on the top is both soft and stretchy. We were surprised in the responsiveness of the cover with tugged on. This cover is durable but thin providing excellent airflow.

Side Cover | Surprisingly Strong
The GhostBed uses a combination of 51% polyester and 49% polypropylene. Structurally, this creates a sound layer of protection around the entire mattress.

Major Key: The cover is removable for easy machine washing, but is not recommended for machine drying.

Firmness Rating
Designed For
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers
Side Sleepers
Pregnant Women
Back Pain
Post Surgery
Not For
People Who Like Extremely Soft Sleep Surfaces
Firmness Rating

101 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

All GhostBed mattresses sold on include a 101 Night Money-Back Risk-Free Sleep Trial.  This also includes free shipping.

If you buy GhostBed from Amazon the standard Amazon 30 Day free returns overrides the 101 Night Manufacturer’s sleep trial.

GhostBed Mattress Pricing
Twin $495
Twin XL $600
Full $675
Queen $750
King $875
California King $925

All GhostBed Mattresses Come With Free Shipping, Free Returns, 101 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial, And Financing Options.

GhostBed Company History

GhostBed is the first direct to consumer product from the industry veteran Nature’s Sleep.

GhostBed’s Founder

Founded 15 years ago by CEO and Founder Marc Werner.

Amazon Verified Reviews

★★★★★ EXTREMELY happy I bought this one

Purchased: Queen sized GhostBed. I ordered this Saturday night, it arrived by 11am on Wednesday – NICE!! Even though it was listed as about 80 lbs, I was totally able to get it out of the box, drag it up my stairs by the plastic & up onto my box spring, by myself. It’s vacuum packed so it was compacted in the plastic & was very easily dragged. Once I cut off the plastic, it started springing to life. I was able to use it immediately. Since this is a HUGE life decision, this review may be the longest one I’ve done yet….

I LOVE LOVE this bed. I planned on giving it about a week prior to reviewing, but after 2 nights, I’m stoked! I’ve battled severe insomnia since I was in high school, I’m 45 now. I’ve slept on many o mattresses over the years (vacations, friends/family homes, etc). Most all were too hard, too soft, or just flat out uncomfortable – sometimes I’d end up on the couch. I’ve slept on Tempurpedics a few times and I do NOT like them at all! Not only did they hold body heat, they are too foamy like, too squishy, too soft, and takes too long to remold once you move positions… I have 3 beds in my house and 2 couches… Bouncing back & forth hoping for a good nights sleep that night.

Now, this GhostBed. The first night, my dogs slept so deeply that it was hard for me to get the full effect of the bed, they didn’t move! LOL They LOVE it too! So… last night. I made the dogs wait until I got comfy before letting them up. I slept from 2am to 8am! I have not slept longer than 2 hours in years! That’s 6 hours! I woke up and felt ready to conquer the world today! OMG, I can’t stress enough how important & awesome this was for me!

Although a similar design to Tempurpedics… the GhostBed is not as squishy or foamy-like, my body did NOT sink as much as I thought it would (I’m a plus sized gal). I had read that the GB was great for side sleepers… I TOTALLY agree! I didn’t even need to put a pillow between my legs, which I’ve done for years!! The body alignment was so perfect, I didn’t need it!! I even went from using 2-3 pillows to one!! I don’t know about the remolding when you reposition, because I barely moved! And usually I thrash about constantly to find that comfy position! A few reviews mentioned the cooling factor… it’s weird. When I got up, the GB was very warm to the touch, my blankets were warm as well, but I did NOT feel heated at all, I’ll tell you what!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so strange! It’s like the GB absorbes the heat & just keeps it from effecting you! I also like that the sheet tends to stay more in place than it does on a smoother surfaced mattress.

Overall so far, I am EXTREMELY happy with this bed! It’ll be interesting to see how long it will last, hopefully for a long while… although it’s cheaper than a store bought mattress (for the most part), it would be just as expensive, if not more, if it’s having to be replaced 2-3 times to one store bought mattress…it replaced one I’ve had for 7 years. so we’ll see.
Now ya’all just need to design the perfect pillow!

★★★★★ #1 Mattress Choice for me!

This by far has to be the most comfortable memory foam mattress that I have slept on! The mattress comes vacuum shrink packaged in a box that needs to be handled by two strong individuals, and because of the length it is a little awkward to handle. The box I would say weights like 70 to 80 pounds, you wouldn’t want to try to wrangle it on your own. Once you get the mattress out of the box, make sure you have enough room for it to expand. We put ours on our box spring and instantly it sprang back to life, and the manufacture says it is ready to sleep on instantly! We let it rest for six hours and it appeared to be fully expanded. We did not have any unpleasant odor either. We slept on it the first night and slept eight hours straight which is rare for me. The mattress did not heat up and get hot while sleeping in it, it remained comfortable and cool. This mattress also doesn’t transfer the movement of your spouse, or dog to you. Many nights I did not even know my spouse left the bed. This is a solid mattress, well worth the price they are charging, I paid more than that for the crappy one I had before.

★★★★★ This is absolute heaven

There is nothing bad to say about this mattress. I haven’t slept this comfortable in years. Don’t let the fact that it’s a foam mattress scare you. This bed is amazing. The support is second to none in my opinion.

★★★★★ Ghostbed FTW (For The Win)

It’s amazing. We have the king size. I’m 285 lbs and my wife is is about 170. It surely uses high quality materials as we do not fall into the mattress like our old mlily mattress. The Ghostbed sleeps COOL!!! It’s unreal. The top layer is temp neutral and the second layer is gel. Sitting on top will feel like sitting on a normal mattress temp wise and sort of feel wise. The second layers’ magic happens when you lay down. I get some kind of sensation that the heat is being sucked away from me and it puts me to sleep to be honest. Also, on our old mlily mattress, we could feel the bottom layer and it was hard and hurt our hips. With the Ghostbed, it seems like we never meet up with that bottom layer. My guess is they use high quality materials for the comfort layer that seem firm-ish and the base foam is more medium-plushy. It’s like Nature’s Sleep is using a lot more brain power when it comes to making the “perfect mattress” than other companies. Anyways, the Ghostbed feels medium-firm to me, sleeps cool, is excellent for sex, was well thought out, and provides the best nights sleep I’ve had so far. It has 1.5″ Dunlop latex, 2″ 4lb gel visco foam, 7.5″ support foam of unknown density, and the cover is zippered/removeable. Also, if you’re one of those people who buy cheap. Then buy cheap. Nature’s Sleep is not cheap and neither is the Ghostbed. You get what you pay for and in this very rare instance, you get more than you pay for with the Ghostbed.

★★★★ Side sleeper delight

I have had memory foam mattresses in the past and actually still have them to this day from 2011 on my children’s beds. They were some no name brands from another online retailer and they have worked wonderfully. Memory foam mattresses appeal to us because they are naturally hypo-allergenic and bed bug resistant. Our daughter suffers from asthma and severe allergies that are exacerbated by dust mites. Memory foam mattress have helped tremendously especially when paired with a cover that can be washed weekly.

We were feeling uncomfortable most recently with our 1500 dollar mattress that had been purchased three years ago. The option to give this mattress a run came at the most opportune moment. After sleeping on the gel memory foam mattress for two months, I am happy to report that this is wonderful alternative to a conventional mattress. Pillow tops are uncomfortable and regular mattresses do not feel the same after a bit of use. This mattress is a bit firm as most memory foam mattresses of this type are, but conform wonderfully around all your nook and crannies as the night wears on. I have always suffered from knee and hip pain when sleeping on our conventional mattress. Sleeping on this gel memory foam for the last two months has proven my theory that only memory foam will feel great on my joints since I sleep on my side.

My husband tends to sweat profusely while asleep. He likes the fact that the memory foam feels cooler because of the gel top layer. Memory foam tends to feel harder on the cold days and takes a bit more time to conform to our bodies. This is the same thing that makes him feel cooler throughout the night though.

We are currently using the mattress on a slatted base so I cannot offer any advice or information regarding the matching box spring. As always this type of mattress, must be rotated but not flipped, but this also applies to most mattresses that have been sold in the past decade.

Highly recommend this mattress for it’s comfort that is offered to a side and back sleeper. Much more of a reasonable price when compared to the big box stores. Sheets fit wonderfully. I removed a star because there is no type of support on the edges or end of the mattress. If you like to put on your shoes on the edge or need the support to stand up then I do not suggest memory foam. I would also like to mention that the bed suppports any ‘activity’ like a champ. It is also nice to not have the sound of coils or springs rebounding.

★★★★ No longer counting Sheep

In February of 2015 I reviewed another ‘Memory foam mattress” manufactured by Classic brands. In all honesty, I cannot feel any difference between this $750 GhostBed and that other brand. Now before you are urged to leave an unhelpful vote in regards to my review let me preface by stating this ISN’T a negative review. I’m merely pointing out that like the other mattress review which I MORE than liked, I couldn’t feel any difference that justifies a $400 increase in price that comes with this brand.

Both equally relieve any pressure points. Neither is truly 100% memory foam, but neither mattress claim to be. I do like the pillow top feel on the Classic brand better than the GhostBed, but that’s more of a personal preference. This mattress is an inch shorter in height compared to the Classic Brand, but that’s not a deal breaker unless you like really high mattress tops and both have zippered removable covers for washing.

Packaging of the mattress came in a box that wasn’t too heavy to lift, and set up was fairly quick and easy. The mattress may take a while to fully expand depending on internal home temperatures and that new ‘Foam’ smell was not bad enough to drive me out of the room. It went away after a couple of days.

★★★ Not working for us

I had high hopes for this mattress to help with my husband’s back issues. Unfortunately this mattress, which is on the heavy side and is awkward to maneuver onto the box spring, did not support his back better than the old conventional mattress we’ve had for more than 10 years. The gel memory foam forms to your body, which sounds like a good thing, but if you turn in your bed during the night, you find you have lumps and bumps to turn over on while the memory foam readjusts. We tried it for several nights but had to go back to our original mattress.

★★ Ok mattress but it's not working in my case

This is my first latex+memory foam mattress.

Received the mattress two weeks ago. Ordering was easy, shipped very fast, smell was very minimal and don’t sleep hot at night.

However, this has not been comfortable at all. Just ok for my wife.

I’m only 5 11 180 lb. I toss and turn all night long and wake up with lower back pain. My wife could not sleep either due to my toss and turn. There is higher than average motion transfer that my wife can feel every move.

Sleep tracker measured less than 70 minutes of deep sleep a day whole through out the week.
I think latex was the biggest problem. It has no give, just pushes back every time i move. It is very bouncy mattress.

Just went to sears and got icomfort memory foam which felt so much better. It did cost me extra 400$ but it was worth it.

Two weeks of break in period was enough. I just could not stand another two being so tired and paranoid due to lack of sleep.

Since their return policy is to try at least 30 days, i will keep it in my closet for next two weeks.

★ Not for back and side sleepers. Look somewhere else

Makes my back hurt, wish I could still return this bed. Save your money and look somewhere else.

GhostBed Takes Care Of Veterans

While reviewing GhostBed we found out about a special program they offer every month for the military.

The Free GhostBed Military Mission
Serving our nation, under any military branch is the ultimate act of Patriotism.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line for our country’s safety; everyday.  We are committed to changing the lives of those who protect ours.  To show our appreciation to our Service Men & Women we are going to donate 2 GhostBeds; every month.

Click here to learn more: GhostBed Military Mission

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3rd Party Mattress Reviewers

Transparency Note: We at Honest Mattress do not have any affiliation deals with any mattress company.  The below videos are from other mattress reviewers and may have some affiliate benefits with some or all mattress companies.

Official Review By Mattress Insiders

The GhostBed
With 3.5″ of comfort foam, this mattress offers deeper support and body conformance. Overall the mattress is 11″ thick.

The foam top layer (cooling & comfort) – 1.5″ layer of aerated latex foam. This layer is designed to provide excellent cooling, bounce, and feel. This layer helps relieve pressure points and pops back up almost instantly, unlike a top memory foam layer that can take time to pop back up if you were to roll over and back.

The middle foam layer (support) – 2″ layer of gel memory foam. This layer provides support, pressure relief, and great body conformance. It’s less responsive than the top layer but very supportive. The less responsive layer was put under the top layer as a core layer for that reason. Also, the gel infused memory foam layer is designed to help disperse heat from the top layer

The bottom foam layer (core foundation) – 7.5″ layer of high-density support foam. Ghost Bed uses a 2.0 density core where many other brands are using 1.4-1.8 density cores. Making this mattress a little heavier duty than others. Making it good for average to heavy weight people.



Official Review By Memory Foam Talk

The GhostBed mattress is a product of a veteran company in the industry, Nature’s Sleep. The founders of GhostBed and Nature’s Sleep have been crafting quality mattresses, toppers, and bedding for over 35 years so they know a thing or two about constructing quality mattresses.

The GhostBed is a thick 11″ mattress built from a combination of latex and memory foam with a universal comfort model that is designed to appeal to a wide majority of sleepers. There is definitely room for a better bed to take Casper’s place and the GhostBed steps up to the challenge rather well we feel.

They also offer a matching foundation to compliment the mattress for only $200.

Official Review By Epic Review Guys

Ever thought of ordering a bed online?

GhostBed makes it easy to order and brings it right to your door. But is it a comfortable mattress?  GhostBed sent me a queen-size mattress to try out.

It was heavy to maneuver through the house but it “fluffed up” quickly once I cut through the vacuum packed bag and to my surprise there was virtually no chemical odor.

I was surprised, too, after my first night of sleeping on the GhostBed mattress.

Official Review By Mattress Clarity

GhostBed is made by Nature’s Sleep, a company that has been successful in the mattress industry for many years. Though at first glance the GhostBed is similar to many other online offerings (especially sporting the now popular latex over memory foam construction), they stand out in two important ways. 1.) They offer significant price/value for their mattress, even compared to other online offerings and 2.) They have made a great mattress to sleep on (not all bed-in-a-box companies deliver on that promise).

I’ve tried a few Nature’s Sleep mattresses and was always impressed, and that didn’t change with my Ghostbed mattress review. Still a high quality mattress, with now some more direct-to-consumer branding on top. Overall I liked the mattress, but I also had a few complaints, so make sure to read my full written review before pulling the trigger on the GhostBed mattress.

Official Review By Michelle H.

After sleeping on the ghost we for only one night, I felt an improvement. After a couple of weeks, my back pain is gone. So is my boyfriends. When people come visit our apartment, I make them try out the bed. I try to tell as many people about it as I can. It’s an incredibly affordable, quality product. I love my bed. I never want to get out of it.

Official Review By Katty Delux

We’ve had our ghost bed for one week and here are the results!

Official Review By All Things Fadra

How good is a mattress that you order online? Watch my thorough GhostBed Mattress review and decide for yourself.

Disclosure: GhostBed provided me a complete GhostBed set to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Official Review By Fabb TV

GhostBed Mattress Unboxing & My FULL HONEST Experience and Review!
Y’all don’t wanna miss this!!! Hope you enjoy, Pretties!

•Shown in this video: King Mattress*
•Cost: $875.00 + FREE SHIPPING!
(Add Foundation Boxspring for only $250!)

*mistakenly I said in the video the mattress was $850. The king size is $875, as listed above. With my code though: it’s only $825!

•The perfect feel that combines different densities and thicknesses of foam.
•1½” Continuous aerated latex foam is naturally responsive, plush and does not retain heat.
•2″ Gel memory foam uses a proprietary formula with larger cells to make it more reactive to the body for cooler nights.
•7½” High density base layer for increased support and longevity.
•11″ Total Height of the GhostBed Mattress

•Luxurious cover with a blend of viscose and polyester for stretchability and a plush feel.
•Cover easily zips off for easy spot cleaning.
•Handcrafted for durability and long-life and is CertiPUR-US certified.

Disclosure: GhostBed provided me a complete GhostBed set to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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