There’s nowhere like home … unless you’re in a Hilton Hotel.  But have you ever wondered what happens to those thousands of mattresses when its time to replace them?

Well, the 1,574 room Hilton Anaheim recently recycled more than 2,500 mattresses as part of the chain’s new mattress recycling program.

In the US, 38 million mattresses and box springs were purchase in 2010 alone.  15 to 20 million mattresses and box springs are disposed of each year, according to Mattress Recycling Council.

Due to the sheer size of these units, they tend to quickly fill landfills and as they are difficult to process and compress.

This leads to an immediate need to seek mattress recycling solutions more than ever.

Not to worry!  95% of the mattress and box spring components are recyclable, according to Judy Pines, director of sustainability and responsible sourcing at Hilton.

“Hilton has recycled 8,100 mattress and box spring pieces, totaling 432,000 pounds of waste, over the last several months,” explains Pines. “This initiative has spanned many states, including Tennessee, California, New York and North Carolina.” 

Hilton Anaheim’s recycling initiative officially launched in January and is Hilton’s largest mattress recycling project in the U.S.

“Hilton is committed to reducing waste generated by our properties, and programs such as mattress recycling allow us to deliver against that commitment,” says Pines. “The Hilton Anaheim mattress recycling project yielded over 5,700 mattress and box spring pieces.”

This program is also good for the bottom line as well as the environmental benefits.  On average, Pines says, “there’s a 50% cost savings by recycling mattress instead of filling landfills.”

Waste reduction is just one of the many sustainability initiatives Hilton is working on. Since 2009, Hilton has reduced energy use by 14.5 percent, reduced water use by 14.1 percent, reduced waste output by 27.6 percent and cut carbon output by 20.9 percent across its 4,700 hotels globally. In addition to being good environmental stewards, Hilton has saved an estimated $550 million from these reduction achievements, says Pines. 

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