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Yes, celebrities are human beings — but sometimes it seems like that’s just about the only thing they have in common with the rest of us. rounded up some recent stories about shocking celeb extravagances that prove stars are nothing like us, starting with this one about one of our favorite TV stars: Kerry Washington gave a Tomorrow Sleep mattress to every member of the cast and crew of “Scandal,” which is coming to an end later this year, as wrap presents.

The mattresses (a queen size costs between $800 and $1,000) were the culmination of a week of gift giving by the Emmy nominee, who referred to the presents as the “Scandal Survival Kit” during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that hit the Internet on March 13, 2018.

“It had work-out classes and sneakers and wine and food and books. … It’s all the things you haven’t had a chance to do while we’ve been working,” she said. “But I wanted to end with a mattress. … We work 16-hour days and sometimes some departments have eight-hour turnarounds, which means they’re sleeping five, six hours a night, and I just really feel like having a [good] mattress is something you’re supposed to do for yourself but you don’t do it enough.”

Added Kerry, “I wanted to give that to our ‘Scandal’ family. … I felt like I wanted us to feel the joy, the gratitude and joy of what we’ve been able to experience together.”

How thoughtful!

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