Series 1 – Running A Global Corporation

Published On Thursday, January 26, 2017 

We’re excited to launch week 2 of our ongoing series Industry Talk, as we catch up with Mr. Ken Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mattress Firm, after having just returning from the Las Vegas Market.

Honest Mattress Reviews asked,  “What are some of the key technologies you rely most on to organize your schedule, projects, and multiple departments?”

Mr. Ken Murphy answered, “We rely very heavily on the Microsoft Suite, specifically Outlook and the calendaring functionality. Our global directory within Outlook includes contact information for all team members and is also essential to staying connected with each other.

Since we are now a company with more than 10,000 employees in 49 states, video conferencing through the WebEx platform gives us the option to connect with colleagues from any part of the country to host meetings and conference calls and still have a face to face interaction.

Another great tool for our teams has been the Box cloud storage service. It allows us to quickly and easily manage document sharing cross-functionally with multiple departments in several locations across our national footprint.

Lastly, we have found great success with using the instant messaging software called Jabber.  I love the fact that it allows folks to participate in more active communication, vs. email which is a bit more passive.  It allows us to keep up with the fast pace nature of our world and keep each other in the loop.

Ken Murphy

Series 1 – Running A Global Corporation
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Honest Mattress Reviews asks, “How do you assemble a key staff to keep you abreast of all aspects of this global business?”

Series 1 – Running A Global Corporation
Last Week’s Interview
Published On Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Honest Mattress Reviews asks, “What are some of the keys to managing such a large organization with so many moving pieces, such as but not limited to, multiple store locations, distribution warehouses, logistics, global supply chains, staff, product evaluation and inventory and new product development (The Dream Bed Project)?”

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