Sleepopolis is merely a shell of what it once was under the direction of the Founder, Derek Hales.  Once Casper funded the loan for mattress review competitor,  JAKK Media (whom also owns Mattress Clarity and Slumber Sage), the website has lost its way.

Derek Hales, along with his wife Samantha, built an e-commerce empire based on affiliate commissions.  With revenue estimated in the millions, Derek was able to engineer his review website for key Google organic search positions.  Generally ranked in the top three positions, Sleepopolis became the dominant leader in authoritative reviews.

Mr. Hales is one of the most gifted Search Engine Optimization Engineers.  Period.

In layman’s terms, he has the knowledge and forethought of how to build, structure and adopt a website to not only deliver quality content to the readers but also remain in full compliance with the ever-changing secret Google algorithm.  Put simply, Derek is testing and deploying the strategies that AdWeek reports on eight months later.

While at the top of the affiliate mattress review space, Derek found himself in a colossal lawsuit with Casper, the company that’s raised the most venture capital in this industry – ever.  Derek stood strong in his first amendment speech position and battled the David v Goliath case for years. – Source Fast Company

But, recently settled to put this entire nightmare behind him.

In the settlement, he lost his empire – to the very company – that sued him; Casper.

Well, indirectly as Casper funded the loan and banished him from the website.

Derek had many great relationships in the mattress space and since the settlement has been impossible to reach.  Many in the industry believe there is some form of silence period that does not allow him to speak to members of the mattress industry.  Which, is truly a shame as he’s been an intricate part of many companies who went from start-ups to name brands.

The details of the settlement are also confidential.  So, the day the settlement was signed the emerging market lost one of the true online senior authorities.

As one door closes a larger door opens in Mr. Hales future.

The SEO expert launched Sleepopolis to cover all things sleep including but not limited to mattresses, sheets, pillows and sleep tech.  Being a visionary it’s clear with his new venture that he’s broadened his horizons including all things in the home.  Ultimately, if Derek was still at the helm of Sleepopolis, chances are this was already his vision to grow his reach.

We’re proud to announce Modern Castle – Reviews of the best products for the modern home.

Regardless of if Derek cannot participate in mattress or sleep reviews for a given period of time, this allows him to expand his review offering to smart home products such as Nest, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Smart Vacuums, Ring Door Bell, etc.  As these IoT devices having become mainstream with an estimated 5 million new internet connected devices coming online every day globally – this is a ripe market at the perfect time.

Their tagline is, “We Buy.  We Try.  You Decide.” 

As with prior success, Modern Castle is funded by affiliate commissions and it’s clear to say Derek is already off to the races to build his largest empire to date.

Meet The Modern Castle Team

Derek, Modern Castle
Derek, Modern Castle

Derek, founder & editor-in-chief 

“My name is Derek Hales. I’m responsible for overseeing everything on Modern Castle, making sure our review process is always being improved, and researching new products to test and analyze. I have a passion for creating extraordinary reviews, videos, and visuals to help my readers find exactly what they need.”

Chris, Modern Castle
Chris, Modern Castle

Chris, reviewer & photographer

“Chris is my cousin — he works with my on a day-to-day basis helping to test and create the best reviews possible. He is the man behind the camera for most photographs and videos, and also handles most of the video editing and video production. Additionally, Chris completes important research and helps analyze product performance.”‘

Kayla, Modern Castle

Kayla, reviewer & designer

“Kayla is my sister and heads up design for Modern Castle. In addition to testing products, she also helps to ensure that all of the design and visual elements look beautiful, creating the best possible experience for our readers. Kayla has a Master’s Degree in Product Design, which provides her with a unique perspective on how product design impacts performance.”

The Modern Castle Brand

There is a pleasant emotion that sets in when you see the branding, colors and overall structure of  The soft blues are reminiscent of Sleepopolis.  The homepage is as easy to navigate as before and in true Derek fashion, the reviews are outstanding.


We wish true success for Derek, his team, and

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