Langel System, led by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the rest sector, is launching an innovative range of mattresses.


They will be the first articulated and adaptable mattresses on the market, allowing the user to modify their shape, rigidity and even size with a simple mechanism and no need to get out of bed.

Thanks to this technology, the user can articulate the headrest to read a book or watch a TV show on his or her tablet.

The surface of the mattress can also be widened by lifting its lateral wings, converting a single mattress into a double one, or a double mattress into a King Size one. At the same time, it can protect children or dependent people from falling.

What makes the product special?

Langel System Mattress

Alberto Sánchez, CEO of Lael System, has been working in the furniture sector for more than two decades and it was him who made the firm decision of reinventing the current concept of mattress. Avoiding traditional approaches and assisted by multinationals in the sector, he has developed what Langel calls the mattress of the future: a boxed product, modular and able to be updated over time according to the user’s needs.

Fully aware of the importance of design, its creators’ goal was to produce a mattress of first quality, aesthetically advanced, young and urban. After four years of prototype development and the filing of several patents in more than 70 countries, the result was achieved: a sustainable mattress, easy to transport and assemble. These features make it perfectly suitable for the online market.

This new concept of rest is presented not only as a mattress, but also as a mattress topper, to allow those who do not want to change their mattresses to enjoy this innovative product. Even a frame that can be adapted to any mattress topper will be offered, an option more affordable but very useful.

Langel System Mattress

Obtaining the “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission (EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020) was a big boost for the company. With the help of this recognition and the intention of entering the international market, the team plans to start manufacturing its product very soon through a crowdfunding campaign on the US platform Kickstarter. The startup is offering a discount to the first customers, as a reward for their trust. “Although our mattresses and mattress toppers will have an affordable price for all budgets, we are going to reward the first who bet for our way of understanding rest”, said Alberto. For the time being, those interested can visit their website to book their order and keep ahead of the news.

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