In a move designed to help consumers sleep better in their newly purchased mattresses, sleep products manufacturer Reverie has developed Reverie Sleep Coach™, a program designed to arm people with the knowledge on how to improve their sleep health. The dual-pronged program is designed to help consumers learn healthy sleep habits.

Reverie Introduces National Sleep Couching Program For Consumers

Reverie Sleep Coach is available through two options – a digital-only plan with curated content based on an individual’s sleep profile and a premium model featuring one-on-one training.

“Many people who sleep poorly think that buying a great bed will help them sleep better. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case if sleep habits are poor,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “Sleep education is equally important, and is necessary to form healthy habits that lead to high quality sleep. When you combine the equipment for better sleep (a sleep system) with the information needed to create better sleep habits, an entire solution is formed.”

The innovative program is one more step in Reverie’s commitment to sleep, and its corporate mission to improve the quality of life for consumers through better sleep and a broader opportunity to help the world improve its sleep. The company has secured more than 80 patents for its sleep products and collaborated with leading sleep experts and universities to develop the latest in sleep technology. Reverie Sleep Coach is the latest product to enhance the company’s extensive product lineup.

Developed in concert with Reverie’s sleep advisory board of doctors, scientists and psychologist, the program is individualized based on a consumer’s unique sleep profile.

Designed to help people understand the features and benefits of the purchased Reverie sleep system, Reverie Sleep Coach will also equip consumers with information that will help them understand the importance of sleep and the impact healthful sleep can have on everyday activities.

Reverie Sleep Coach allows retail sales associates to sell the program as a stand-alone sale or as an add-on sale to products purchased that includes sleep quizzes, snooze reports with tips on how to improve sleep and a downloadable guide that can help consumers reset their sleep protocol if they’ve fallen out of sync and the one-on-one coaching for the premium program.

Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and direct to consumers. The company’s sales and marketing headquarters is located in Michigan while its production, distribution and customer service facilities are based in New York. Reverie manufactures select products in the U.S. and continues to be a cutting-edge leader and innovator in the sleep products industry.

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