Serta the country’s biggest mattress brand dropped a 40-page on Casper for patent infringement.

According to the court documents, Serta alleges that Casper has copied their patent-protected design when developing their new premium Casper Wave mattress.

At twice the price point of the original, it’s clear Casper set to make a statement with this premium step-up option.

One of the unique value propositions of the Casper Wave is the Support Foam layer with Contouring.  Serta claims that this design is too similar to their own “Channel Cut Technology.”

Casper Wave

Serta seeks monetary reimbursement and as asked for a court order barring Casper from producing and selling this model.

“Plaintiffs have been and continue to be irreparably harmed by Casper’s infringement of the ’935 Patent such that money damages cannot sufficiently compensate for such irreparable harm,” Serta’s lawyers write in the complaint.

This is terrible timing for Casper in light of a planned IPO and recently established partnerships with Target and American Airlines.

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