Simba Sleep, the sleep powerhouse of the UK has announced their new NASA-approved temperature regulating technology.

Simba Hybrid Pillow

Simba’s sleep scientists they have created what they believe is the perfect formula in their new pillow for perfect sleep.

This hybrid pillow, which was made available for purchase late last week, features a high-tech design to keep your temperature regulated throughout the night.

This pillow comes in a ‘one design fits all’ and has harnessed and leveraged NASA-approved cooling technology.

The cover of the pillow is but with “Outlast”, a phase-changing material.  The development of this technology was designed for NASA to proactively regulate astronauts body temperature throughout the night.

A second, but equally notable feature is the use of Nanotubes.  These cylindrical memory foam tubes are laser cut for exact precision.  They automatically and in real-time react to the shape, weight and sleeping position of your individual head.

Simba set out to design a more supportive and responsive pillow than traditional memory foam pillows.

The exterior is spun with 300 thread count, 100% cotton.  Inside is a dedicated tier made from 90% duck down features and 10% feature to add a component of luxury.

“A poor mattress can result in a restless night, setting you up badly for the day – but how often do you take into consideration the quality and comfort of your pillows?” – Simba

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