It’s important to note that, “In July 2017, a subsidiary of JAKK Media LLC acquired Casper provided financial support to allow JAKK Media to acquire Sleepopolis.  Until the loan is satisfied, Casper has the contractual right to repossess the assets and forgive the remaining value of the loan” – Source

Not surprisingly, Casper now holds the first position on the under the mattress reviews page. 

Arguably, this is the most important page on the affiliate paid review website.  This is where consumers are able to compare all mattresses side by side viewing their features such as Price, Firmness, Type, Materials, Height, Trail Period, Warranty Duration and Shipping Costs.

Here Is The defined listing order as per – August 23, 2017

“*The order of these reviews does not reflect any rating. They are ordered by the date they were first published to the one most recently published. Please fill out the above questions to refine your results and find the best mattress based on your personal preferences.” – Source


In footnote above, the mattresses listed indicates that the order does not reflect a rating.

But, the very next sentence states:

“They are ordered by the date they were first published to the one most recently published.”

By this defined order, that would mean the first published review should be in the last listed place.

So, if 100 mattresses were reviewed, the first mattress would be at the bottom of the page in the 100th position (bottom right).

Inversely, the most recently reviewed mattress would be in the first visible location (top left).

Yet, Casper is in the ‘most recently reviewed’ position.

The way back machine confirms the existence of the Casper Review at least as of June 30, 2016 (See here).


1 Year Later

Advancing forward to June 23, 2017 – Eight Sleep’s Review was visible to the public; thus confirming it was published live.  The fact it was not published during the June 30, 2016, snapshot captured by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine leads us to conclude that the Casper Review was completed and published live before the Eight Sleep mattress review.

Why is Eight Sleep’s review not listed higher than the Casper Mattress review on this page?

More importantly, why does Casper hold the first position if it’s clearly not the most recent review published?


Dan Scalco (New – Chief Editor of we have four questions for you;

  1. What is the total loan amount due from JAKK Media LLC to Casper?
  2. What are the payment terms and duration of this loan?
  3. Why is Casper now in the number 1 position on the mattress review page?
  4. How did you approach Casper for this Financing?

You say;

“We are committed to transparency and editorial integrity.” – Source

As you’ve stated, you’re committed to transparency.  We look forward to receiving the answers to these four questions and sharing that information with our audience.  Please email so we can publish your answers unedited in their original format.

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