Ask Yourself This … “Does The CEO Of This Company Give Sound Advice?”  What would your mom say if you asked her if you should EAT this mattress?

Purple’s attempt to change the focus from their product safety to me is a normal reaction from a company trying to discredit the source.  

Click here to read how an expert dismantles Purple’s ‘Safety Report.’


It’s better to have the general public following this goose hunt than actually talking about why you ship a product with a microscopic plastic powder that can be inhaled.  Or, the fact your corporate position to the general public is that it’s perfectly safe to eat your products.   

You’re not allowed to attempt to extort me (for the second time) legally.  As a consumer of your product who has had issues with the powder, I’m entitled to inform Consumer Product Safety.  You, Purple, are not allowed to demand I remove my complaint from the Government.  That is called Extortion. Consumer Product Safety is the organization designed to protect consumers from aggressive intimidation tactics like this.  It is incredibly wrong and inappropriate the fact you and your legal team have now twice conducted this crime across state lines.  

If all manufacturers threaten Prison to consumers – why would consumers ever feel safe to report a problem?


Though I’m not surprised about this type of behavior from them I have absolutely nothing to hide and I’m more than happy to answer and address any questions.

I understand that desperate people will attempt to change the narrative.  But, truth always prevails, and I’m more than happy to address your pathetic attempt to pin me as an employee to smear me.  Ask yourself this – if this was a massive conspiracy why would I publish everything online for the public? See here.

True Facts Purple Neglected To Inform You

  • Have I consulted with GhostBed? – Yes
  • Did Purple tell you I’ve consulted with other Mattress Companies – NO
    • Have I ever been an employee of GhostBed? – NO
      • Did I self-assign a title for a conference I spoke at – YES, and that was wrong on my part.
      • Did Purple tell you I admitted under oath to self-assigning the title in my original affidavit? – NO

I self-admittedly created my own fake job title.  As you see below the original title then I created my own for this event.  It was a mistake in retrospect as it wasn’t fair to that mattress company that I took it on my own behalf to misrepresent myself that way.  It was at this time I put it on my LinkedIn & Twitter.  The company the asked me to remove that as it simply wasn’t true.

  • Have I / do I work with many other companies in the mattress industry? – YES
    • Ghostbed’s external marketing agency – Achieve Agency – had hired my company, Social Media Sharks for consulting work.
    • Click here to read Achieve’s Case Study
    • Here’s the sworn affidavit to the court that I guess Purple doesn’t want you to know. Click Here
    • Here’s the sworn affidavit from GhostBed’s owner to the court that I guess Purple doesn’t want you to know about either. Click Here


  • Did Purple tell you Honest Mattress Reviews And Purple had a GREAT relationship since launch? – NO
    • This was with their knowledge of my work with many consulting projects.

If Purple was so against Honest Mattress Reviews WHY did they like so much of the content about them?

Here’s is a direct screen shot Purple doesn’t want to show you that confirms that I consulted on the project but on behalf of Achieve Agency.



  • What does consulting work for any company change the fact about Purple’s use of microscopic powder?
    • Purple’s scrambling to try to create this conspiracy scenario to divert attention from the fact that consumers have a right to know what is in their products.
    • In fact, Purple has been featured 6 times more than GhostBed in promotional content article – THEY DIDN’T TELL YOU THAT EITHER


Purple neglected to share in their post that they submit HUNDREDS of pages to the court TODAY asking for them to be sealed?  – YES
Here’s a recent filing that Purple submitted to the court to have sealed.  So ask yourself – why would Purple want everything sealed if this massive (delusional) conspiracy was in effect?  The simple answer is they want to seal the documents from the public that show the truth.  That no, I’m not their employee – or an employee of any other mattress company.  Though, if you’re in the mattress industry and need expert consulting – give me a call.  Except for Purple. 


  • Did Purple Tell you that I have/do work with MANY companies in the industry – NO
    • Does consulting work doesn’t impact any reviews/content on my platform? – NO 
      • But, I’ve had this clearly disclosed on my disclaimer “I occasionally do speaking engagements, but typically am not paid for them.  I do consult for many companies in this space as well as other industries at various capacities.  This website is owned by honest reviews, llc and operated by Ryan Monahan.  Honest Mattress Reviews is privately owned and has zero investors.  The opinions expressed on Honest Mattress Reviews are that of Ryan Monahan.”
      • Click here to view my full disclaimer


  • Did Purple tell you that I’ve provided every discovery document they’ve asked for as I have nothing to hide – NO?
    • Yet, Purple wants to seal all of their documents away from the public – WHY


  • Did Purple tell you that I have great relationships with Mattress Firm Also? – NO
    • They neglect to tell you that I host a series call ‘Industry Talk’ with Mattress Firms CEO – Click Here
      • Are they going to sue Mattress Firm also?
      • Do you think mattress firm would conduct interviews if Purple’s claims were true?


  • Did Purple tell you that I host frequent interviews with CEO’s & Founders of many OTHER Brands in the industry? – NO
    • We’re publishing 2 in-depth interviews with one of the co-founders from Eight Sleep and one of the co-founders from Novosbed
      • Do you think all of the other companies in the industry would conduct interviews if Purple’s claims were true?


As for their ‘smoking gun’ picture.  Let me shed some light.  The three circled faces are external vendors that happened to be onsite for a meeting and were asked to be in a picture.  This isn’t uncommon when you have many external agencies working on a project.  Here’s a link to the other third party vendor – note Josh the CEO of C&I Studios is also wearing a shirt; but is not an employee.  Yes, I’m guilty of supporting the Red Nose Day Cause … but no … I’m still not a GhostBed employee.  Scroll down and read the truth.



  • Do I have GhostBed videos on my Vimeo Account? – YES
    • Do I have all sorts of other companies videos on my account? – YES


  • Did Purple disclose in the blog post that they are seeking to have all documents to the SEALED so you can’t actually see the truth? – NO
    • Did Purple submit HUNDREDS of pages to the court TODAY asking for them to be sealed – YES


Final Thought – I am more than happy to answer any questions from anyone.  I have been 100% truthful with the court and the public.  Purple wants everything sealed.   I’m an open book.  What makes more logical sense?  A company suing someone with such aggression to silence truth – or – a guy launching a platform for reviews, covering 5 verticles; one sleeping?  

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