Tuft & Needle was founded by two ex-Googlers, who built a massive empire based on fair pricing and is in preparation to launch their new Mint premium mattress.

With every step forward, the pressures of an extremely competitive marketplace show that even a household name as popular as T&N isn’t invincible to local and online competitors.

Tuft & Needle’s headquarters is located in Phoenix, AZ, but their Flagship store location is was in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Francisco.

As of yesterday, January 9, 2018, Tuft & Needle closed the door to their flagship location indefinitely.  As of now, there are no future plans to re-open that location or move to another location in San Francisco.

Today, their three remaining stores are still available on their website.

Though, with Tuft & Needle’s past strategic planning the store might not be closed due to low performance and rather just the end of a lease in preparation for deal or opportunity much larger.

Tuft & Needle Stores
Tuft & Needle Stores

The future of Tuft & Needle’s retail stores is unclear – but – the future of their new products and quality is well defined.

Having the opportunity to review the new Tuft & Needle Mint mattress consumers are in good hands.  The mattress’ top layer feels very much like the Casper Wave; soft, responsive and almost liquidy.  The Mint’s base layer is firm.  Much firmer than the original Tuft & Needle.

Tuft Needle Mint Mattress
Tuft Needle Mint Mattress

Regardless of your body weight, this mattress can support you.  When compared to the Casper Wave, Mint has a greater level of support for your body and is priced roughly $850 less (queen size).

[Note – the Casper Wave reviewed very well – see here.  The price point is why it’s rated Good and not World-Class.]

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