The Made in America Movement has one asked Casper one very simple question with potentially loaded consequences (based on the answer).

Casper is the direct to consumer market leader with a brand name that’s becoming synonymous with mattresses conveniently delivered to your home compressed in a box.

Casper calls New York City home but is available to all 50 US States.  Started by five co-founder with a simple vision to make one perfect mattress.  Since then, they have grown their mattress company into a bedding empire.  You can find their products online, in their own stores and even on the shelves of Target.

One core feature that set Casper aside from some traditional retailers was their ability to create a quality mattress, at a fair price, made right here in the United States.

When MAM called their Country of Origin into question we were prepared to simply take a screenshot of the tech specs and send it over.  But, MAM was correct. does not use the messaging, “Made in USA.”  Rather, it says “Designed and assembled in the USA.”

Casper Mattress Country of Origin

With that, MAM took to Twitter to call the industry leader’s statement into question.  Below you will find the active exchange.

The Made in America Movement (MAM) is the unified voice of American companies. MAM represents 20,000 American sourced companies and has 440,000 active consumer members. They are the leading objective, independent, non-partisan, organization dedicated to promoting American businesses and the families that rely on them.

They are a non-partisan organization lobbying for and celebrating American manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, small business owners, mom and pop stores, local boutiques, and service providers. Dedicated to encouraging consumers to buy American-made products, they provide our members with resources to expand their use of American-made products and serve as a place to share ideas to increase our members’ bottom lines. Let’s unite American voices and tell Washington to bring American jobs home. They are a conduit for change!

In a recent post published by MAM, Know The Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA? they explain the difference between “Made in USA”, “Assembled in USA”, and Made in USA of US and Imported parts.”

Know The Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

We extend this opportunity to Casper to provide a response and we will publish it, unedited – in it’s submitted format, as soon as we receive it.

We will then update the post with the response from Casper.

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