Honest Mattress Reviews is a platform, as well as, a community for investigative editorial journalism and reviews.

With an evolving mattress industry, that will see profits soar up to 20 Billion dollars per year, we provide a platform and a voice to research, investigate, and educated general consumers about both products and companies in this space.

We provide a safe, protected, and anonymous culture that allows industry professionals, general consumers, and news organizations alike the opportunity to authenticate truths while resistant to all censorship attempts.

Honest Mattress Reviews does not seek affiliate relationships.  Nor are we positioned to gain monetary benefits based on consumer buying behavior or decisions.

It is our objective to provide editorial content that’s based on truth – even when it’s not the popular opinion.

Rather than influencing a purchase decision to promote a company – we’d rather provide visibility and exposure to all products, companies, and the leadership behind those companies.  We believe this provides the greatest resources to consumers as a whole to make educated decisions that provide the end desired result they seek.

We believe that rather than a few large companies controlling the narrative, we strive to provide a platform that allows companies and consumers uncensored truth.

We do not promote or condone rumors.  We research the industry, find logical patterns or details and share those.  If we are presented with additional information that changes the narrative of a prior posted article – we have no problem going back, updating that piece, and sharing the update with our audience.

We will always clearly communicated if the information or figures we’re using are educated estimates (derived from tools, research and counseled professionals) and/or exact numbers.

Our editorial content is shared to provide you the most accurate data available to the public with the goal that you can read the data and come to your own conclusions.

The same as we do not want just a few giant companies to own the narrative with legal influence, we do not want to skew your opinion to only follow our positions.

Please utilize our platform as a community to communicate, research and learn about different aspects of this extremely large industry.

We are happy to receive any news tips whether delivered with contact information and/or anonymously.  If, while researching the tip we find this to be true we will gladly share the information on our website and with our audience.  If we cannot validate the information we will simply dispose of the data.

If you have anything to share with our loosely connected global team of editors please email hello@honestmattressreviews.  Please provide enough information to support your position.  We’re happy to share about new product launches, updates to textile materials or background information about company leadership.  If you feel the global audience can benefit from your information please contribute.

We also invite industry professionals to create and share unique original content on our platform.  The same general guidelines apply.  The content must be accurate and true.  We’re happy to publish this information as well as link back to your social channels.

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